Nicole Allman – Director and PR Specialist

Nicole has always had a passion for creating meaningful engagements that add value to client communications and their business.

With 12-years’ experience in communications and PR, she has worked across numerous sectors including technology, telecommunications, broad business, property, HR, and small enterprise. Nicole has worked with both South African grown and multi-national brands of all sizes and is always open to sharing her ideas and advice with clients – and towards the best possible delivery and results on their campaigns. Her skills asset resides in client relations, stakeholder and media consultancy, strategic campaign development and implementation, multi-platform content development and driving valuable PR exposure and engagement experience.

Caitlin Hawken – Director and PR Specialist

Caitlin prides herself on being a communications and PR specialist and avid storyteller.

She has been working in the field for over a decade. With a keen B2B and industrial focus, Caitlin has worked with local and multi-national businesses, and developed and driven niche and targeted campaigns across sectors and markets, including; agriculture, engineering and the built environment, mining, climate change and sustainability, ICT, healthcare, automotive, financial services and markets, and corporate governance, risk and advisory. Her skills assets reside in industry research and strategic consulting, aligning business objectives to communications and PR campaigns and opinion-led content development.