At the beginning of the year there is always a plethora of articles around predicted new trends and things to look out for in the coming year – and these of course, have merit.  These articles often form the basis of conversation starters with teams, colleagues and clients – as well as provide helpful insights into our thinking.

While I must admit that I am not a fan of the amount of ‘trend’ pieces being written, it does often provide me with the opportunity to reflect on our strategy and more importantly, our consultation to clients. One trend which has resonated with me this year, is the concept that there will be a shift in communication strategies, where niched focused campaigns and audiences will become even more prominent going forward. 

And I understand why. 

For too long the communications sector has grappled with  the adage of ‘spray and pray’ – where our sector  merely hope that by using new platforms, technologies and influencers to communicate a message, the message (and brand) will be viewed as creative, innovative and – value driven by relevant audiences.

That’s not to say that there aren’t some incredibly innovative agencies out there – who understand their clients, audiences and messages platforms and are delivering some outstanding work – but on the whole, I still find agencies grappling to be too many things to many brands and have lost focus in the breadth of their strategies and consultation offered.

I still feel that given this challenge – which for me has resulted in confusion and dilution, especially regarding brand messaging, storytelling and ultimately being able to figure out ‘what they want to be famous for’ – that many brands and agencies will start to re-focus on their niche and develop more tailored and narrow strategies – aimed at specific market segments or industries. 

This will mean going back to some real fundamentals of marketing and communications – carefully identifying and researching audiences, understanding how and where communications will support a company’s brand.  What will define relevance is a brand’s ability to deliver actionable or tangible insights (and results).  This means focus. And with that, an agency that can provide this focus.

Focus around your messages, your audience, your communications platforms, and even the media and influencers you engage.  You can no longer merely get away with broad sweeping statements like ‘we are targeting emerging consumers or up and coming buyers’ – get focused, find your audience – this will help to ensure your brand remains far more relevant, and your marketing returns very apparent.

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