INK&Co. is geared to offer a comprehensive scope of PR services tailored for our clients’ needs, from boutique PR campaigns for niche markets; to integrated communications and channel consulting; as well as being able to offer full support on any digital exposure streams.

The agency’s leadership team has worked across business, technology, industrial and vertical markets for over a decade and holds a wealth of entrenched sectorial knowledge and experience.

Who’s listening to you while you try to tell your story in the noise and clutter of the market today?

We understand that every brand has an idea to share and a story to tell. Our ethos is to:


We engage with you to understand your business.


We partner with you on shaping your ideas and stories.


We walk the path with you and deliver on-target centric, purposeful and effective communications campaigns.

It is our experience and proficiencies that differentiates our artistry in the market.

Communicating the right message at the right time and to the right audience, towards the right result, is a skillful art.